Unacceptable behaviour


We appreciate that at times we have queues and have some out of stock medications awaiting delivery (as do all Pharmacies).

Please refrain from making comments about the service or staff whilst they are working at the counter as this causes distraction and has, at times, led to the loss of staff, which in turn, affects the service. We also need to keep noise levels down to a minimum. Please refer to our Zero Tolerance Policy regarding unacceptable behaviour.

If you wish to feedback your thoughts and suggestions about the service then please send a feedback form or ask to speak with our Practice Manager or our new Dispensary Manager. A lot of changes are starting to take place to improve the service at both Dispensaries. This commenced at the point of installing a new clinical system in September 2023 with more recent changes to processes in Comberton in October with Eversden to follow. We realise that the service has been poor over recent years and we trust you will work with us whilst we continue to make these improvements.

We thank you for your patience and understanding.

Published: Nov 3, 2023