About Patient Access

Patient access allows patients to do the following online:

  • Book and Cancel Appointments
  • Order Repeat Prescriptions
  • Inform us of change of address, telephone number and mobile numbers
  • View your medical record


Book an Appointment

When you’ve registered for Patient Access you will be able to log in and view appointments you have already made, cancel them if necessary, and book an appointment with a doctor after checking the times available. Appointments for baby checks, diabetic checks, minor surgery or medicals cannot currently be booked online. Nurse appointments are not currently available to be booked online.

Repeat Prescriptions

Order a Repeat Prescriptions

You can order repeat prescriptions online via Patient Access. A minimum of 2 working days must be allowed for repeat requests. Only repeat prescriptions will be shown on Patient Access for ordering, however, you can add a message requesting an item you have previously been prescribed which is not a repeat. All items requested will usually be issued and show as ‘accepted’. However, this does not necessarily mean they are ready for collection, as it takes up to 2 days to process after accepting the request. You will be contacted if there are any problems. Please ensure we have a current phone number listed for you.,

Medical record

Patient Access allows you to view current medication, allergies, recorded immunisations, medical problems, test results and information from clinical consultations. This service is only available to patients aged 16 years and over.