Dispensary Update

As many of you are aware, our dispensary continues to operate under significant strain because of staff shortages due to COVID and difficulties recruiting both dispensers and a dispensary manager. This is the reason for the unacceptable delays in processing your repeat prescriptions and for the long queue that builds up at peak times for the dispensary counter.

We are taking the following steps to improve the service our dispensary offers:

  1. We have already recruited two new dispensers and are advertising for two more.
  2. Those of you who live in Barton will already have received a letter suggesting that you use the dispensary at our branch surgery at Eversden for your repeat prescriptions. Eversden have more capacity than Comberton at present and by spreading patients more evenly between our two sites we hope we can offer everyone a better service.
  3. We have engaged a dispensary consulting firm, Dispensing Doctor Solutions Limited, to review our dispensary operation. They have completed an audit process and are coming back to implement their recommendations in early April.

We hope that soon we will be running a more efficient service and will again be able to turn around your repeat prescriptions in 48hrs. We thank you for your patience in the meantime.

We would like to apologize to all our patients for the unacceptably slow service from the dispensary. We are aware that we have been unable to fulfil the turnaround times for repeat prescriptions that we had promised, and we are also aware that many patients have had to queue for long periods of time to collect their medication.

We have been facing unprecedented demand at a time when we are looking to recruit a new dispensary manager and when we have had high levels of staff sick leave.

Please be assured that we are taking active steps to improve the dispensary and we hope to be able to provide a better service in the New Year.