COVID Boosters Update

COVID-19 Vaccination programme – update December 2021

The vaccination programme is now entering its next phase. We are not offering any COVID booster vaccinations at our practice, so if you are eligible, and it has been at least six months since your second dose, then please visit or call 119 to book.

If you have yet to get your first dose or you are due your second dose, you can choose to book your appointments via or by calling 119, or you can find a local walk-in venue near you via

Further information on the COVID-19 booster vaccination programme including people who are housebound please see link below.

For those patients who are housebound, and thus require their booster vaccination at home the exact arrangements for this are presently being developed.

If you received your second covid vaccination at home, then you will be on our housebound list of patients. If you have become housebound more recently and will require your booster vaccination at home please contact the surgery so we can amend your record accordingly.

We would like to apologize to all our patients for the unacceptably slow service from the dispensary. We are aware that we have been unable to fulfil the turnaround times for repeat prescriptions that we had promised, and we are also aware that many patients have had to queue for long periods of time to collect their medication.

We have been facing unprecedented demand at a time when we are looking to recruit a new dispensary manager and when we have had high levels of staff sick leave.

Please be assured that we are taking active steps to improve the dispensary and we hope to be able to provide a better service in the New Year.